Temple Fit Church

Starting a  new health ministry? Need guidance for your existing ministry? From planning events, to educating your congregation, and even managing the ministry itself, get the support you need. No experience required.

Temple Fit Workshops

Temple Fit is known for its eye-opening, mind-blowing, life-altering workshops. We strip away the fancy lingo and help you pursue wellness with confidence. Book a class or a series for your church today.

Temple Fit Workouts

Our Temple Fit Coaches get you sweating to a high praise! Schedule a few sessions, or even book recurring classes. Workouts are great fitness & fellowship activities for your ministry.

SHE Tea: Women's Wellness Conference

The SHE Tea is a divine escape where women of faith can get real. Past conferences have covered topics such as beauty, career, stress, spirituality, time management, and more−all from the perspective of Health by the Bible®. Women walk away from this signature Temple Fit program feeling refreshed and empowered. You don't want to miss it! Save the date for SHE Tea 2018-"You Go Girl"- Saturday, June 9th. 

Temple Fit Challenge

The Temple Fit Challenge is 40 Days & 40 Nights of Health by the Bible. It's a signature Temple Fit program, designed by our founder, Dr. Asha Fields Brewer. Participants learn how to make healthy eating, sleeping, exercising, and rest part of their lifestyle. It's a fun and engaging program, which is perfect for a church or community organization of any size. We kick off this summer. Get your church signed-up!

Next Steps...

Become a Temple Fit Church and gain access to health education resources, planning kits, and other support for your ministry.